5 Ideas To Give Your Bedroom A Modern Look

Are you looking for some creative architecture and design ideas to give your bedroom a fresh, modern look? Achieving a sleek and unique style is all about the right materials, colour combinations, textures and patterns. Keep in mind that your bedroom layout and colour scheme play a vital role in creating the overall feel of the room. Other than that, choosing beautiful fabrics, eye-catching wallpaper, and the best colour for bedroom curtains and blinds can make a big difference. So, if you’re ready to update your bedroom, keep reading for some inspiration and tips!  Here are five modern bedroom ideas that can help you create your dream comfort zone to sleep, read, relax, eat, or simply vibe:

Ideas for a Modern Bedroom Look:

  1. Opt For A Neutral Colour Palette For Furniture

When creating an aesthetically pleasing modern bedroom, it’s important to start by choosing a colour scheme. Neutral or monochromatic colours are popular choices. Once you have a colour scheme in mind, it should serve as the foundation for your bedroom’s design. Selecting beautiful and unique architectural pieces of furniture and textures will help to enhance your space further.

Modernism is all about simplicity. To achieve a modern look for your bedroom, stick to a beautiful colour palette and incorporate visual interest through geometrical shapes or abstract lines. Wood, leather, natural fibres, and other natural materials are great choices for modern design decorations in your bedroom, especially for your bedding, decorations, and flooring.

2.      Hardwood Flooring Over Carpets

To make your bedroom feel cosy and warm, you can experiment with bedroom carpet ideas with different contemporary designs. Alternatively, you can consider wooden flooring for a more beautiful and modern look.

Going for light oak never goes out of fashion, goes on within styles, and is excellent for interior style, making small rooms look bigger. On the other hand, dark brown floors are starting to come back In fashion due to their dramatic and comfortable look. If you’re choosing dark floors, go for light-coloured cabinets and walls; it’s a great choice for bedrooms and bathrooms.

3.      Opt For A Storage Bed

If you want your bedroom to have a modern and minimalist look, consider incorporating simple and contemporary design tips. Start by decluttering and minimising the amount of stuff in your room. A storage bed can be an excellent option to help you achieve this. By choosing a bed with under-storage, you can store your belongings and keep them out of sight. This will help make your space look more organised and tidy. Once you’ve decluttered, you can focus on adding modern elements to your bedroom. Consider installing wall-based wardrobes to save space and add charm to your room.

4.      Add A Touch Of Neon

To give your room a fresh and modern look, try incorporating refreshing fabrics and colours. Consider combining art and lighting by selecting a neon-illuminated word or phrase that matches your personal style. Ready-made neon signs are readily available and can feature your name, initials, or wedding date. Not only do these signs serve as stylish decorations, but they also make for a practical night light that can be dimmed to match your mood. Additionally, they are easy to hang and do not take up a lot of space. You can attach them using acrylic blackboards or adhesive strips for a quick and easy WOW factor in your bedroom.

5.      Invest In The Best Bedroom Lighting

It should be easy to relax or read before sleeping in a modern bedroom. During the day, you can enjoy natural sunlight through expansive windows covered by blinds, which you can find inspiring bedroom blind ideas online. At night, it’s important to have appropriate lighting for reading or working. When choosing bedroom lighting, consider both style and practicality. The lighting should be dim enough to create a relaxing atmosphere but bright enough to allow for reading. You may also want to add small wall lights beside your bed for extra illumination.


When decorating your modern bedroom, it’s essential to take your time and do your research. Rather than hastily adding unnecessary details, focus on finding pieces that reflect your personality or are in your favourite colours. Remember that less is more when it comes to modern design, so be mindful not to overcrowd the space. Additionally, strive for balance when incorporating textures, wood, and lighting into your design. If you are looking for quality bedroom blinds in the UK, Premium Blinds UK has got you covered! Check out our collection and find an option that suits your preferences. 

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