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Made To Measure Pleated Blinds Range

When it comes to choosing blinds, people go for the pleated look when they want blinds that are lightweight but also elegant looking. Pleated blinds are quite popular these days. So, if you are looking to energize the look of your room, then you should consider pleated blinds for your windows.
The great thing about pleated blinds is that they are quite lightweight, and they are the perfect cover for those sunny days when you don’t want to let too much light into your room. You could even opt for blackout pleated blinds if you want to eliminate any light coming into the room. Check our range of pleated blinds and order now.

Easy To Use

Not everyone wants complicated blinds. Most people prefer easy controls that they can use to open or close the blinds to their preference.
Pleated blinds are quite easy to use in that sense. They are quite easily operated. So you don’t have to fidget a lot with the controls.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Another reason that pleated blinds are preferred is that they can last you a long time quite easily. If you get pleated blinds installed, you don’t have to worry about getting them replaced for a very long time.
And they are quite durable too, so they can take a lot before they even need maintenance.

Privacy & Blackout

Although it depends upon your preference, pleated blinds are available in variations where you can fully blackout your room and block any incoming light.
This also makes these kinds of blinds preferable for those who like privacy in their home or in a specific room. You can be sure no one would be able to peek through.

Total Control

Whether you want them fully open or fully closed, or even somewhere in between, you will have total control.
Our pleated blinds are fully controlled by you. Multiple control settings are offered that you can adjust to your preference.

Easy Installation

Pleated blinds aren’t as complicated as other kinds of blinds. And therefore, they are quite easy to install.
No screwing or nails are required. All we need is a measurement of your window frame, and then blinds according to that size will be simply fitted into the frame through brackets.

Contemporary Look

All kinds of designs and patterns are available. From plain and simple looks to vibrant patterns that stand out.
Whichever look you choose, you can be sure they will project a unique and modern look to the room and your place as a whole.

Why Choose Our Pleated Blinds?

Our values are based on providing our customers with the best service possible. Our pleated blinds are the best you will find in the market for many reasons. Not only are they high-quality, but there is a wide array of unique designs to choose from that you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you are choosing pleated blackout blinds or another kind of pleated blinds, the look and feel of our blinds will make your room stand out. With our blinds, we can say with confidence that people will sit up and take notice.

Quality, Variety Guaranteed

We have been in the business of supplying and installing pleated blinds in the UK for our clients for a long time. And in this market, we’ve built a name for ourselves by providing the best and most consistent services across the country. From the moment you book your blinds order to the moment the installation is done, we are with you every step of the way.


Unlike other services, we don’t believe in overcharging for the services that we provide. Our prices are the best that you will find.
Whether it’s you choosing your blinds or their installation, we keep everything affordable and accessible for your convenience.

Expert Help

From choosing your blinds to the installation phase, we are with you every step of the way.
If you are confused about choosing the right kind of blinds for your home or office, we can help out in that area. If you have any other questions, you can always ask us, and we will help you fully.

Wide Selection

Some people prefer their blinds and their homes to be minimalistic. Some prefer to bring out a certain style or contrast. Others prefer to stand out and make sure that people notice.
Whichever style you prefer, we have it all, from plain offerings to eye-catching patterns. All you need to do is choose.

On-Time Arrival

Nobody likes a service that doesn’t arrive on time. Especially when you are busy, and you’ve got places to be. We recognise that and work to ensure that whenever there is an installation scheduled, we arrive on time.

If we’re late, it’s your experience with us that is affected. And we are dedicated to providing you with the best experience.


Hassle-Free Installation

Our installation technicians are trained and have years of experience doing what they do. They know how to most efficiently install the blinds that you have ordered.
So, you can be sure that the entire process will be smooth and quick so that your time isn’t wasted.

Save Time

Many try to install their blinds by themselves because they feel like they can save time by doing that.
But a lot of the time, problems or confusion can arise that leads to time being wasted further. You can eliminate that by availing our service.

Get Cheap Pleated Blinds Today!

Are you tired of not having your privacy? We have cheap pleated blinds available for you to give you added privacy and a contemporary feel around your workplace and home. You can have it all by ordering pleated blinds from Premium Blinds UK today.


Pleated blinds are crafted from a single piece of fabric and meticulously folded into neat pleats, offering a contemporary and elegant appearance. Unlike other window coverings, pleated blinds showcase a unique texture and functionality, enhancing the ambience of any space.

At Premium Blinds UK, our pleated blinds are offered in a diverse range of sizes, catering to various window dimensions. From standard measurements to custom-made-to-measure solutions, we provide a seamless fit for every window.

At Premium Blinds UK, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of fabric options for our pleated blinds, including light-filtering, blackout, and thermal fabrics. Our collection encompasses an extensive palette of colours, patterns, and textures so that customers can find the perfect match for their interior decor preferences.

Installing pleated blinds is hassle-free, with comprehensive instructions and all necessary hardware included in our packages. For those seeking professional installation services, our team at Premium Blinds UK can arrange for skilled fitters for a seamless and efficient installation process.

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