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It is safe to say that there is something extraordinary about wood. Same could be said about our wooden blinds, manufactured right here in the UK, we build blinds from real wood and faux wood made from synthetic materials such as PVC and vinyl. Wooden blinds are extremely popular as they provide an economical option and they have proven to be very eco-friendly. You can contact us today to get a quote for wooden blinds for your windows.

Types Of Wooden Blinds

Our collection of customised wooden blinds allows you to manage every space with great style. These blinds are available in a vast range of different shades of wood. Whether you require wooden blinds or faux wood blinds in the UK, we have everything and more to meet your requirements.

Need something to create an authentic wooden feel? Our Faux wood Autumn Gold might be the perfect match for you. In search of vibrant colours to give a trendy look? Our Wooden Venetian Deep Ivy might be just what you need. We have an insane variety of colours so that you can choose one that matches the interior of your house and complements the furniture. Give us a chance and help us renovate your place using our blinds in the best possible way.

The Cost Of Wooden & Faux Wood Blinds

The cost of wooden blinds, where real wood is used, will be higher than that of the faux wood blinds where only PVC or vinyl will be used. You can expect the the price for faux wood blinds to start from some where around 80 GBP.

Why Choose Our Wood Blinds Range?

1. Gives An Authentic Wooden Feel

The best part about wood blinds is what they do to your home. You will probably not recognise your own house after we are done installing your blinds. Moreover, we can give you natural or painted wood stains depending on your need and budget. However, both will provide an authentic wooden feel and impress anyone visiting your home. Our finishing is elegant and perfect, giving a glorious feeling. So, whether you want faux wood or woodenVenetian blinds in the UK, feel free to hit us up!

2. Round The Clock Customer Service

Our customers might be curious about a few things and have questions or issues in mind. We take pride in the fact that we have round clock customer service and are always available to solve any problems and guide our customers in any way we can. Our representatives are friendly and have an in-depth knowledge of the company, ensuring none of your queries go unanswered.

3. Providing Good Quality Blinds Is Our Forte

We ensure that we provide you with the highest quality blinds. Our blinds are manufactured using the best materials, and we make sure all the processes are carried out with great care and finesse.

Order Cheap Wooden & Faux Wood Blinds

Our exceptional services and an incredible range of blinds are what make us the best online store in the UK. Moreover, we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our range of wooden blinds and we have a huge variety so that you can browse through our website and have lots to choose from. Order your cheap wooden blinds from us today.


Explore the range of sizes offered for wooden blinds to fit various window dimensions. Whether you have standard-sized windows or require custom-made blinds for larger or irregularly shaped windows, we have options to suit your needs.

We offer different types of wood and wood-like materials in our wooden blinds collection, including basswood, bamboo, and faux wood composites. You can learn about the characteristics and benefits of each material option.

The versatility of wooden blinds lies in their compatibility with various window configurations, including standard windows, bay windows, and French doors. Learn how wooden blinds can add warmth and character to any room.

Wooden blinds are a versatile window treatment option that can complement various rooms throughout your home or office. Here are some common rooms where wooden blinds can be installed: Living room, bedroom, home office, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, study, conservatory or sunroom.

Additional information

Additional information


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Swatch image champagne metal
Swatch image charcoal grey metal
Swatch image chestnut metal
Swatch image classic stripe
Swatch image conker metal
Swatch image copper metal venetian
Swatch image deep ivy metal
Swatch image dusty grey metal
Swatch image elderberry metal
Swatch image fauxwood haze
Swatch image fauxwood highshine white
Swatch image fauxwood medium oak
Swatch image fauxwood rustic oak
Swatch image fauxwood snow
Swatch image fauxwood tenne
Swatch image filtra magnolia metal
Swatch image filtra silver metal
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Swatch image frosted silver metal
Swatch image harvest metal
Swatch image hessian metal
Swatch image honey metal
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Swatch image metal venetian alpine
Swatch image metal venetian antique silver
Swatch image metal venetian barely black
Swatch image metal venetian brushed nickel
Swatch image metal venetian calico
Swatch image metal venetian caramel
Swatch image metal venetian cherry
Swatch image metal venetian graphite
Swatch image mocha metal
Swatch image sherwood
Swatch image sherwood beige
Swatch image sherwood chalk white
Swatch image sherwood cream
Swatch image sherwood dark pine
Swatch image sherwood dark walnut
Swatch image sherwood ecru
Swatch image sherwood hot chestnut
Swatch image sherwood maple grow
Swatch image sherwood mellow pine
Swatch image sherwood paperbark maple
Swatch image sherwood pappyrus
Swatch image sherwood pure white
Swatch image sherwood silk white
Swatch image sherwood sirroco
Swatch image sherwood stepple
Swatch image sherwood toffee
Swatch image sherwood twine
Swatch image sherwood valley oak
Swatch image sherwood white
Swatch image sherwood white wash
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