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Made To Measure Day & Night Blinds In UK

Day and Night blinds are the most demanding and effective blinds that allow you to adjust according to your requirement. They can work very easily by remote control to set the temperature. Each sheet of these blinds is made up of opaque fabric. These blinds are dual-layered and very similar to roller blinds. The pattern on both the sheets are designed to have opaque visibility panels for blocking light, and transparent, for passing the light.

Uses Of Day & Night Blinds

  • These blinds are perfect for you if you are privacy concerned while it allows some light to enter through translucent panels of the fabric.
  • These blinds are the best options in this modernized world as you can operate them via remote control or a smartphone app.
  • These blinds are not a good fit for odd and curved shape windows.
  • Day & night Vertical blinds with louvres are perfect for such spaces and can be operated through remote control or a chain.

Browse Fabrics And Colours

Get your hands on our huge collection of excellent fabrics and you can also order samples online. Book an in-home appointment and let us bring our vast collection to your doorstep. Our clients are renovating their homes by using our Day Night blinds. Select the most suitable look for yours too and enjoy the new attractive look of your room with these sleek designed blinds.

Buy Cheap Day & Night Blinds

You can easily order cheap day & night blinds for your home windows. We have a complete all in one solution where we measure your blinds for you and build them and install them for you. This way we bring you great value for money.


Day and night blinds, also known as vision blinds or zebra blinds, feature alternating translucent and opaque horizontal stripes that can be adjusted to control light and privacy. By aligning the stripes, you can enjoy diffused natural light, while closing them provides privacy and darkness.

Discover the variety of fabrics used in our day and night blinds collection, including polyester, voile, and light-filtering materials. We have different textures and colours available to match your interior decor theme and personal preferences.

Yes, day and night blinds are suitable for any room where versatility, light control, and privacy are desired. They are quite popular in living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices, where you can adjust the blinds to create the perfect ambience throughout the day.

Operating day and night blinds is simple and straightforward. Use the control mechanism to raise or lower the blinds and adjust the positioning of the alternating stripes to achieve your desired level of light and privacy.

Additional information

Additional information


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Swatch image Luminary Grey
Swatch image Luminary Ivory
Swatch image Luminary Sand
Swatch image Luminary Silver
Swatch image Luminary Slate
Swatch image Lustre Boardeus
Swatch image Lustre Champagne
Swatch image Lustre Charcoal
Swatch image Lustre Ie
Swatch image Lustre Silver
Swatch image Lustre Zinc
Swatch image Shades Berry
Swatch image Shades Cotton
Swatch image Shades Fint
Swatch image Shades Pecan
Swatch image Shades Rattan
Swatch image Shades Wicker
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