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Made To Measure Vertical Blinds In UK

Custom-made Vertical blinds are the most feasible and reliable blind option for any window. They are ideal for large windows and odd spaces due to how versatile and adjustable they are. Our advisors do the measuring for you and give you the best advice for your home windows.Explore our fantastic range of blinds and check out our beautiful new Spring/Summer 2021 collection fabrics. Check out some of our other products and find what you love.

Enhance your home with Vertical Blinds

  • Easy to clean
  • A perfect blend of style and practicality
  • Brilliant for controlling light and privacy with adjustable vertical slats.
  • They are also a great option for your sliding doors, large expanses of glass or unusual shaped windows
  • Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms with waterproof and easy to clean options
  • Special dim out fabrics available for reducing light
  • Perfect for minimizing glare in offices and workspaces.
  • Create coordinating looks with matching roller fabrics
  • Pet and family friendly with chainless and wand operated options

Things To Consider With Vertical Blinds

  • When the blinds are pulled back, the blinds will be stacked at the side of your window. The advisor can recommend ways of reducing this such as having a split rail.
  • The wide vertical slats may fill your windowsill. We have vertical wood blinds and metal blinds.
  • Even with ?dim out? fabrics, some light may leak between the louvers. For a more comprehensive blackout effect, try pairing your blinds with curtains.

Discover more about our Vertical Blinds.

Vertical blinds allow you to control the amount of sunlight you want in your indoors. You can completely close them or just leave them open slightly to have a bit if healthy sunlight in through your windows. Their control and use is pretty simple and easy and given how convenient they are, there is a huge range of colours in their material and fabrics for you to choose in order to match your home’s ambiance.

Vertical blinds offer real value for money, as they not only provide you great control over the amount of light you want in but unlike curtains you can increase the ventilation of your rooms through the windows.

How do I measure for Vertical blinds?

When you take us on board for vertical blinds for your windows, you don’t have to measure anything. You only need to give us a call and we’ll send our technicians to measure the windows and take notes of the other important details so we can manufacture made to measure vertical blinds for you. Working with us, you only need to sit and watch.

What is the cost of Vertical Blinds?

The price of vertical blinds vary pretty much on their width and their height, the size of the windows and lastly the type of fabric or material you choose to have your blinds manufactured with. However, our vertical blinds start from as low as 3 vertical blinds in just 79 GBP. So you get complete value for your money.

What is the life expectancy of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds live up to quite a few years and as we manufacture our own and fit them for you, we give a 5 year guarantee for Vertical blinds and all other products we have.

How long does it take to fit a Vertical blind?

For our technicians and experts it doesn’t take long. It usually takes 40 minutes to one hour for us to perfectly fit your vertical blinds on your windows. After fitting and installation we will allow you to properly check the blinds and their working. We’ll leave only once you are satisfied.


Which Vertical Blinds should I choose for my room?

Depending on what you need, you will find quite a few different choices with us. If you want a little more privacy and want to keep your eyes shut for longer periods we would suggest that you go for blackout vertical blinds. You can also choose vertical blinds with insulation if you don’t want the weather from the outdoors to influence your indoors.

How can I clean Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds are fairly easy to clean, they can can easily cleaned with damp cloth as putting solutions to clean might damage the blinds.


The unique features and benefits of vertical blinds that make them a preferred option for homeowners and businesses alike is their versatility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Explore the variety of materials, colours, and patterns offered for vertical blinds to match your interior decor and personal style. You can also customise your blinds to create a tailored look for your windows.

We offer step-by-step guidance on measuring your windows accurately to get a perfect fit for your vertical blinds. Our experts at Premium Blinds UK can provide tips and assistance to help you measure like a pro.

We offer expert tips and advice on cleaning and maintaining your vertical blinds to keep them looking their best. Learn about the best practices for removing dust, dirt, and stains to prolong the life of your blinds.

Additional information

Additional information


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