How To Style Curtains For The Living Room?

Your living room is one of the most frequently used areas in your home, and creating a pleasant and inviting environment is essential. One way to achieve this is through carefully selecting curtains for your windows. Curtains can regulate light, provide privacy, and enhance the decor of your living room. In this article, we’ll provide you with some helpful tips on selecting the perfect curtains for your living room and matching them to your overall style. Whether you’re into traditional or modern designs, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in and explore some living room curtain ideas!

Ideas for Styling Your Living Room Curtains

Let’s talk about some brilliant ideas for your living room curtainsstyling:

Sheer Living Room Curtains

Consider using Sheer curtains to add a soft, textured, or minimal look to your living room. These curtains filter and block out excess light while still brightening the space and providing privacy. The pleated design adds elegance and maintains an airy and bright atmosphere in the room.

Sheer curtains are a lovely way to create a gentle and inviting ambience in your living space while allowing natural light to shine in without being too bright. It’s best to choose curtains made of natural materials for your living room so that fresh air can circulate and create a relaxed environment for you to enjoy throughout the day.

Add Curtains with Rings

The curtain you’re adding should be hung with rings from the curtain railing. These rings give your pleated and custom-made curtains a more relaxed or sorted look. Not only do they look better that way but also, but they are easy to pull.

You can open the curtains whenever you want to let the fresh air and sunlight enter your room and balance out the atmosphere. After the day, you can close them as needed for privacy or avoid sunlight in the morning.

Combine curtains and blinds for an elegant look

If you’re confused about getting curtains, but also like a blinded window, you can combine them with ease, considering your budget. There are many living room day and night blinds and curtain ideas that you should look up to. If you love Roman blinds, full-length curtains to frame, and a beautiful pole complementing the fabric and wall colour, you should check out Premium Blinds UK’s collection. We have a huge variety of blinds to complete your living room look.

If there are multiple windows, you should keep the look constant, and every window should be dressed using the same curtain. This pairing provides privacy while blocking light and dust from entering and maintaining the look of sheer curtains.

Big and Bright Patterns

You can go big with a bigger patterned curtain print if you have a larger living space, like a floral design on a bright yellow-coloured wall or a pale-coloured room. These curtains would look great on large, wide glass windows. This is a brilliant way to keep windows dressed in your living room and bring more texture and colour to the scheme.

If you want something new, try experimenting with bold colours like a deep blue velvet curtain, adding warmth to the space and remaining the centre of focus. Using a fabric like velvet will also bring people’s attention while being elegant and sophisticated.


Bringing a lively vision to your living room is equally necessary as bringing fresh sunlight and air. Both goals can be achieved by getting new modern curtains for your living room. Also, if you’re looking for the highest quality blinds, you can check out our collection at Premium Blinds UK. We provide a wide range of high-quality curtains, available in diverse colours and fabrics of your choice.

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