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Which Blinds Are Most Suitable For Kitchen Windows?


The kitchen is a space that is exposed to more heat than any other space in the house. This is where most of the mess is created. The cutting and cooking process releases certain oils and molecules into the air, which accumulate on the surfaces of the kitchen.

Your window blinds are one of the things that may catch dirt and grease if not cleaned and maintained correctly. That is why it is important to select the right style and material of blinds for your kitchen, so you do not have to struggle while cleaning them.

The decision on kitchen blinds should be made keeping in mind all the environmental factors. It is okay if you are not sure what you want for your kitchen because the team at Premium Blinds UK will assist you with their professional advice. You can also buy Roman, vertical, and roller blinds in Cannock from our page, which are some great options for the kitchen.

4 Blinds That Are Perfect For Every Kitchen:

If you are in search of kitchen blinds that are easy to clean and maintain, here is your guide. In this blog, we have listed our top four picks for kitchen blinds.

1. Faux Wood Blinds: 

Unlike real wood, faux wood is made of ABS, which is a plastic-based material. It is more resistant to damage and does not absorb oil and grease like real wood. Kitchen areas often get humid due to boiling and cooking, but with the warp-resistant faux wood, you do not have to worry about bending or deteriorating slats.

The coating of the slats makes them wipe clean, which is why you can even have them installed on top of the sink. Additionally, the amount of privacy and light control they offer is something that will allow you to brighten up or darken your kitchen as required.

2. Vertical Blinds: 

You will find a wide variety of wipe-clean vertical blinds in the market that are made with PVC fabrics. The longitudinal slats and coatings make them quite ideal for kitchen spaces. They also provide greater privacy and will shield you from constant sun exposure.

Especially if you reside in a terraced house, there is a high chance that your kitchen will be right next to the neighbour?s windows. You may not want to connect with them while you are handling the matters in the kitchen. You can just pull on the cords of the vertical blinds to close them completely or set an angle to allow some light in. This way, you can avoid awkward glares and do your household chores in peace.

3. Roman Blinds: 

You don?t always have to select the less-interesting options to achieve maximum practicality, you can also experiment with different fabrics to add some warmth and design to your kitchen. Fabric blinds are perfect for open plan kitchens that are spacious and airy.

Use this opportunity to incorporate the aesthetic aura of Roman blinds into your space. The soft-touch of a patterned fabric will make your space a bit more fancy and less boring.

Additionally, the designs of fabric Roman blinds complement brick walls quite splendidly. You can use them as a finishing element to create a beautiful social space within and around your cooking area.

However, the fabric requires some extra care and attention as well. That is why it is not recommended to have them near the sink or the oven, as the cloth can catch smells and get wet by splashes. Over time, the constant splash and grease accumulation will sabotage the look of the entire window. That is why it is best to have them in a place that is least impacted by kitchen activities.

4. Perfect Fit Blinds: 

Some kitchens have attached French doors leading out to the garden. These doors can make the space overexposed to natural light, which is why you may require some filtration. A blind fitted on your French doors can help you obtain privacy as well as solar protection.

Perfect fit blinds are ideal for the kitchen as they clip into the uPVC frame perfectly without hiding the focal points of the outdoors.

They will provide you with an excellent finish and maximum safety. The design of the blinds is also suitable for homes with kids and pets, as it does not contain a cord. Therefore, the wandering little feet will not trip or run into accidents.

Here are the four best blinds option for your kitchen windows. If you are someone who prefers practicality over beauty, you can opt for vertical or faux wood blinds. But if you like to add a touch of design to your interiors, you may like to try out Roman blinds.

If you are looking to buy Roman blinds in Cannock, Premium Blinds UK will be happy to help. Our online store is efficiently stocked with all kinds of designs, styles and materials in blinds.

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