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What Is The Best Material For Blinds?


If you need a good blind fit for your bedroom windows or patio doors, you may have to take a look at the material of the blinds first. Different styles of blinds often complement a certain type of material, and that is why most of them are named after their material.

There are various types of blind materials available in the market. From wood to linen and aluminium, the range of choice is wide, but each serves a specific type of purpose. Some offer more light control, whereas others are merely used for light filtration. The style and material of your blinds should always be chosen based on the location and the practicality you are looking to achieve.

Before you choose a shielding material for your house windows, you need to decide which style of blinds is best for your space. Talk to a blinds’ manufacturer to find out which type of drapes will be most suitable for your room. Then explore the different materials, so you can make the most appropriate selection.

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What Is The Most Ideal Material For Your Fitted Blinds?

Here is a list of the most durable and efficient blinds materials. If you need maximum light control while decorating your window frame with contemporary style blinds, you can try these materials.

1. Wood:

Venetian blinds in wood can be a stylish and classic addition to your contemporary home design. It adds a simple yet elegant finishing touch to any room. The material is sturdy and durable and is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and guest rooms.

Made-to-measure Venetian blinds can fit any window space perfectly. With three varying widths and twenty different types of finishes, you are sure to find something that matches your interiors. You can also get them in a particular colour to complement the colour scheme of your room.

The lightweight and strong blinds are made with pure basswood. If you need something that elevates your room design without being heavy on the pocket, the ideal option is wood blinds.

2. Metal Blinds:

The sleek finish and shiny surface of metal blinds are perfect for the modern interiors of offices and homes. They are a chic alternative to standard Venetian blinds that do not require constant maintenance. You can have them installed in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom for a stylish and present-day finish.

For your uPVC doors and windows, metallic perfect fit blinds will provide great practicality. They sit neatly within the window panels and do not take up too much space. These slim-line and trendy blinds combine both convenience and utility to give you the ideal option.

So if you want to incorporate modern design into your space, the best pick would be metal blinds. They are available in different finishes and widths, so you can choose the one that fits your space perfectly.

3. Fabric Blinds:

Most blind types are available in fabric, which is a lightweight and soft alternative to other materials of blinds. These are available in close knitting and loose knitting for higher or lower filtration of light.

You can select a flame redundant, blackout or sheer voile fabric in a variety of prints and finishes for your rooms. There are also colour options which can help you balance the colour scheme of your interiors.

Roller blinds, pleated blinds, Roman blinds and vertical blinds all come in different fabrics to serve varying purposes. Aside from the standard chain operations, electric roller blinds in different fabrics allow you to operate your blinds with the help of a remote.

4. Faux Wood Blinds:

Faux wooden blinds often follow the same orientation and composition as a wooden blind, but the material is very heavy duty. They are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, which is often mistaken for PVC, as they look quite similar. If you need a long-lasting and tough material for your shutters, you can opt for faux wood.

These are ideal for rooms that are more humid as they do not bend with moisture and can be cleaned with a paper towel. Similar to wood blinds, they also offer three slat widths and 20 finishes to choose from.

The resilient and aesthetic material is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. In short, these water-resistant and long-lasting blinds are light on the pocket and, provide maximum light control.

To sum it up, it is of utmost importance to research blind fabrics before choosing one for your room. The wide range of choices in the market can make it a bit difficult to make the right pick, but you can do it with some guidance and professionalhelp.

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