What Are Day And Night Blinds, And Where Can You Use Them?


Day and night blinds, also known as ‘zebra blinds,’ are very practical blinds that are used by thousands of people globally. They are excellent blinds for bi-fold doors as well as for windows. They provide a plethora of functional and aesthetically pleasing benefits that can be used throughout the home. So, where do they work best? Keep reading to find out!

What Are Day And Night Blinds And Where Can You Use Them?

What exactly are Day and Night blinds?

Day & Night blinds strike the perfect balance of light control and privacy. These fashionable blinds have alternating strips of fabric that slide against each other, allowing customers to choose between a solid colour? for complete closure and privacy? and stripes that gently filter light and views from outside.

Day & Night blinds are available in a wide range of fashionable colour combinations, allowing you to enjoy the sophisticated design as well as excellent functionality. These blinds are an excellent choice for the majority of rooms in your home.

Day And Night Blinds For Kitchen

Modern dine-in kitchens have evolved into places where people not only cook but also relax and unwind. Because of the required space for the modern kitchen, they frequently feature some of the largest windows in the home, allowing a lot of light in.

Because Day & Night blinds provide both light filtering and blackout properties, they work well as part of the décor in your kitchen. Set the blinds to stylish stripes to filter sunlight when you’re cooking during the day but want to limit the light, and the block colour will help you enjoy total privacy when you’re relaxing with a lovely meal.

Day And Night Blinds For The Living Room

Living rooms, like kitchens, are ideal places to kick back and relax. In this case, the functional advantages of Day & Night blinds will also assist you in making the most of your space. Because living rooms are multi-functional spaces that can host everything from children’s play areas to hosting a party, having a variety of levels of light control is nothing but beneficial.

Also, living rooms are one of those places where we place a lot of emphasis on the décor. Day & Night blinds are available in a wide range of colours, allowing you to enjoy stripes and block colours throughout the day, keeping your interiors fresh and exciting!

Day And Night Blinds In The Bedroom

Many of us will believe that varying levels of light control are unimportant in bedrooms. We sleep in the dark or with the windows open, don’t we?

Many bedrooms now have home workstations, and children do a lot of their academic work from their bedrooms. Natural light is well known to aid concentration, but too much of it can make screens difficult to focus on.

Enter the Day and Night blinds. By filtering light while maintaining privacy, you and your children will be able to maximise your focus time, and when it comes to relaxing, you can set your Day & Night blind to the block colour to truly relax.

Day And Night Blinds With Curtains

A Day & Night blind installed inside a window recess can be paired with curtains. This is an excellent combination for any room in the house, whether it’s the living room, dining room, or bedroom.

By adding a curtain to your window, you can easily find the right balance of light during the brighter hours of the day, allowing light to flood or filter into your room, but when it comes to relaxing at the end of the day and finding that perfect night’s sleep, drawing the curtain will block out any last rays of light, allowing you to relax.

Day And Night Blinds For The Conservatory

Conservatories, like many other areas of the home, serve as places for us to work, play, and unwind. In comparison to other spaces, there is a lot more glass, which means even more light! This makes them an ideal location for a Day & Night blind.

A Day & Night blind’s inherent stripy and block colour nature makes them both a practical and visually appealing blind solution for conservatories.

Furthermore, these blinds can be easily controlled by remote control to set the temperature. Each sheet of these blinds is made of opaque fabric. These blinds are dual-layered and look very similar to roller blinds. The pattern on both sheets is designed to have opaque visibility panels for blocking light and transparent panels for passing light.

To Wrap Up:

All in all, these versatile blinds can be used almost anywhere in your house. If you’re looking for blinds for bi-folds, Premium Blinds UK has got you covered.

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