Seven Things You Must Keep In Mind When Buying Blinds And Shades


Choosing window treatments can be a difficult task, whether you want privacy, style, or both. Should you go to an online blinds store, a home improvement store, or the blind store in your neighbourhood? How formal or sheer should you go? And how do your fashionable neighbours always seem to get it right?

With such a vast variety of blinds and shades available, it can become a challenge to pick the right ones for your home. Here, we’ve compiled our best advice to help you navigate the process.

To save your money from going to waste, consider the following before making a purchase:

Things You Must Keep In Mind When Buying Blinds And Shades

Difference Between Blinds And Shades

The main distinction is in the material: Blinds are typically made of wood, metal, or a composite, giving them a harder appearance; shades are fabric-based, giving rooms a softer feel.

Light And privacy:

Choose whether you want your room to be bright and airy or “buttoned-up” and cosy. You can simply tilt your blinds to allow light in or keep it out; when closed, light is blocked. Shades can be made with fabric that is either room-darkening or light-filtering, giving you more control over the brightness. However, unless you choose the sheerest, they must be pulled up to allow light in or down to get rid of nosy neighbours.

Your Budget:

Is it necessary to outfit just one window or the entire house? Consider increasing your investment in some windows while decreasing your investment in others. Larger window treatments will cost more because they are priced according to size. Custom sizes, as well as unique fabrics, patterns, and features, raise the price.


If you have children, choose cordless styles because accidental strangulation is a major concern. Cordless blinds are also more stylish and come in a variety of designs.


Although blinds do not require professional cleaning, they can be dust magnets. Use a 360° Duster to make dusting them easier. Although textured fabrics and weaves hide dirt better, cleaning them is more of a challenge. To clean them, you can lightly spot-clean and vacuum, however, it is best that you leave larger messes to the professionals.

Your Decorating Style:

Is it formal or casual, cosy or stylish? You must remember that while bold colours can be both fun and dramatic, subtle colours are perfect to decorate your room in neutral, earthy tones. Do you prefer corded or sleeker, streamlined cordless styles? It’s all available, you just have to figure out which one suits your style.

Types of Blinds

If you want tiltable slats that can be adjusted to let in light, blinds are the way to go (or not). They provide a stylish, clean-looking custom fit as well as plenty of privacy. Vinyl, aluminium, faux wood (or textured vinyl), and wood are the most expensive materials for blinds.

It’s ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms because you can leave the blinds down for privacy while adjusting the light as needed. The disadvantage is that blinds require more effort to keep clean because the slats attract dust and grime.

Here’s Some Basic Information About Different Types Of Blinds:

– Wood blinds are available in a variety of light and dark hues, as well as polished or painted finishes ranging from white Country Cottage to rich Peruvian Walnut ? and they’re ideal for offices and dens. They’re not the best choice for kitchens or bathrooms, where moisture can cause damage (polymer or faux wood instead), or for bedrooms or living rooms where you want a softer, more romantic look.

– Insulating blinds save energy while filtering or blocking light, so they work hard for your money. Insulating blinds are available in a variety of colours. When selecting blinds, keep in mind that wider horizontal slats give the impression of larger windows and more space in apartments and small rooms. They generally have slats ranging in size from 1 inch to 2 3/8 inches. Vertical blinds are appropriate for windows that are wider than they are tall. They’re ideal for large picture windows with a panoramic view or across sliding glass doors.

To Wrap Up:

This was all you needed to know to make a suitable purchase. By considering these things, you will be able to ensure that the blinds you’re purchasing are ideal for your requirements and your money will be well spent. If you’re looking for cheap blinds online, Premium Blinds UK has the best collection for you.

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