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How To Measure Blinds?

Where Will The Blinds Hang?

If you don’t know how to measure blinds in order to get a perfect size, we are here to help you out.

You will first have to decide where you want your blinds to go. They can either fit inside the recess if you have a deep window or outside of the space. If your window recess is deep enough, your blinds can fit within for a seamless finish. Although if your window recess is shallow, we would recommend installing your blinds on the outside.

Steps To Measuring Outside The Recess

  • 1. Figure out where you want the edges of your blinds to be
  • 2. Take three horizontal measurements starting from the top, then the middle, and finishing at the bottom.
  • 3. Make a note of the smallest of three measurements, as this will be the width of your blind.
  • 4. Now measure from top to bottom vertically to measure the drop.
  • 5. Take three measurements and note down the longest size.

Steps To Measuring Inside The Recess

  • 1. This measurement will be done on the inside of the window space.
  • 2. Take three measurements - top, middle, and bottom, for the width of the blind.
  • 3. The smallest out of the three will be the width of your blinds.
  • 4. Measure for the drop thrice.
  • 5. Note down the smallest one here as well.

With this measuring guide of blinds, you will have perfectly sized blinds by Premium Blinds delivered to your doorstep.

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