How To Protect A Loft From Excessive Heat During Summer?


There are many reasons why living or working in a loft apartment could be seen as a unique lifestyle choice. One of the benefits is that you often have stunning views from your upper-level windows ? such as being able to see the green treetops in your garden.

However, the sloping roof has some limitations, and the extreme heat in the summer is undoubtedly one of them. Blinds are a low-cost, simple, and effective way to block light or heat from entering your home. Conservatory roof blinds and skylight blinds in Derby are becoming increasingly popular among residents.

As the best online blinds company, Premium Blinds UK brings some valuable tips to help you avoid the worst heat condition during summers and make life easier and happier.

Why Do Lofts Get So Hot?

The loft’s living space is directly under the roof, so it benefits from sun exposure through the windows and the roof surface. Poor insulation affects old buildings and tends to be more common in these structures. This then further reinforces the issue.

What Should You Do To Avoid It?

Here are some valuable tips you can follow to prevent heat from entering the space:

Protect Windows From The Sun Rays Using Blinds

Although this tip sounds simple enough, it’s one of the most effective solutions. Skylights are at the mercy of direct sunlight: the larger the window areas, the more dramatic the effects.

Keeping your windows protected is a must. Conservatory roof blinds available in Derby are fashionable and suitable for the purpose. The material and colour of the blinds here have an impact on their effectiveness. Light colours are ideal for this requirement.

You can find blackout blinds for skylights and shutters made of unique metallic fabrics and aluminium, which will protect your windows from heat while still admitting some light. This way, you won’t have to use artificial light in the summertime.

Let yourself be advised by a blind expert on what could be the most consistent solution for you.

Ventilate Properly

Do you want to open the windows when it gets too hot in your apartment? If you live in a loft apartment, only give into this impulse to a small degree. Throughout the day, windows must be shut. Ventilation occurs only in the late afternoon, well after sunset and before sunrise. It’s also a fantastic choice to air all night.

Otherwise, poor ventilation would result in the opposite effect. Since outside temperatures are still much higher on hot summer days than inside the house, this heat would immediately enter the house. Cross ventilation is the most effective method. If possible, open the windows on opposite sides of the room so fresh air can flow.

Generate Evaporative Cooling

Air conditioning is one method to lower the temperature significantly. On the other hand, it can have an unfavourable energy balance and pose health risks. It’s only suggested in rare circumstances. There are several simple ways to generate evaporative cooling using a fan. One is to moisten your body, making the breeze feel more refreshing. Another is to hang a damp towel in the air stream from the appliance, which will help keep your room cool.

Avoid Additional Heat Sources

All electrical appliances in your home generate heat. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid this additional “heating” in summer as much as possible.

? Instead of the standby function, use switchable sockets and completely cut off the power supply when not in use. Avoid the dryer if possible and hang your laundry in the garden.

? Another option would be to minimise the use of the dishwasher.

? In addition, all light sources give off some heat. So, it is good to use as few as possible and keep them dim if possible.

Once again, sunlight is a significant heat source in your home, so close up those drapes. For this, you can use blinds, as mentioned earlier, like skylight blinds, roman blinds, or conservatory roof blinds. However, skylight and conservatory roof blinds are good options for your loft.

Final Words

If you’re confident about moving into a loft, you will love it and reap its benefits during the spring, fall, and winter. The few weeks of uncomfortable temperatures each year are indeed tiring. Still, enthusiasts make do with them by using these tips.

At Premium Blinds UK, we offer high-quality blinds in Derby that are perfect for getting rid of summer heat. With our vast range of styles and colours, you’re sure to find the ideal blinds for your home. And with our expert guidance, you can be confident that your new blinds will keep you cool all summer!

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