How To Maintain Your Wooden Blinds


Wooden blinds are quite different from plastic, fabric, or aluminum blinds. This means that their methods of care are also different from others. Wood is a material that is highly sensitive to water, unlike other blind materials such as plastic and fabric, which makes their maintenance a bit more challenging.

In order to keep the shiny look of your wooden blinds, you must take regular care of them. These blinds are either painted or polished to give them that natural look of the wood. You must use the appropriate cleaning methods to avoid damage to the paint and polished finish of wooden blinds. The earlier you start taking care of your wooden blinds, the longer they will last.

Therefore, it is recommended to obtain a safety instructions pamphlet from your provider, or discuss with them the specific considerations that are to be followed during the cleaning process. If you are looking for wooden Venetian blinds in the UK, the best place to opt for is Premium Blinds UK.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Wooden Blinds:

Wooden blinds are a considerable investment and should not be wasted due to lack of maintenance. In this blog, we have gathered some tips and tricks to care for your wooden blinds, so you do not end up damaging them.

1. Avoid Fixing Them In Areas Where They Are Exposed To Water:

While blinds can be fitted anywhere in the house, as the entire house contains windows. However, wooden blinds, albeit sealed, can absorb moisture and swell up. That is why it is not recommended to have wooden blinds in areas like bathrooms and washing. The clouds of steam in these places will subject the material to everyday moisture.

With constant exposure to moisture, the wooden slats will start to twist and warp. Consider getting lookalike wood plastic blinds if you really want to have blinds that are similar to wooden blinds in your bathroom blinds.

2. Do Not Use Soapy Water For Cleaning:

As there is a risk of moisture seeping into the slate of wooden blinds, they should never be cleaned with wet clothes or soapy solutions. While dusting the blinds, try using an anti-static cloth and wipe across each slate gently for clean, dustless blinds. If that is not available, get a clean soft-bristle paint brush and wipe away any dirt and dust to keep your blinds clean.

One important practice to follow while cleaning is starting from the top. Open the slats and brush them side to side, so the dust falls underneath. Additionally, when you start from the topmost slat, you can pick up on dust that gathers on the lower slat after cleaning the above slat and finally sit at the window sill. A final wipe with an anti-static cloth will keep the dust at bay for a longer time.

3. The Right Method To Clean Blinds In The Kitchen:

While the above-mentioned method is the best way to clean wooden Venetian blinds with tapes, however, the same strategy does not work in the case of kitchen wooden blinds. A thin layer of grease commonly forms on the blind slate if they are near a fryer and cooking hob. Using a dry cloth or brush may not be enough to clean such dirt, and might make them look patchy instead.

Get a degreaser and spray a small amount on a cloth before wiping it across the slats. Make sure to clean your blinds regularly to avoid over-accumulation of grease, as an excess amount of oil can be harder to clean even with a degreaser.

4. Refurbish Your Old Blinds:

There is nothing to worry about if your wooden blinds have become very old and shabby. You can refurbish them for a refreshed look by either painting, staining, or varnishing them. You can perform DIY at home to counter this issue.

Get a plastic sheet and lay your blinds flat on them. Remove plugs and screws from the bottom slat, undo the knots in the cord and draw it through the rest of the slats. Each slat should be cleaned and prepared before painting or varnishing to get the best results.

Apply a quality stain or enamel paint with a brush in each slat. Allow each slat to dry completely before turning it to the other side for painting. Once the process is complete, re-knot the cord and reapply the screws.

These are some tricks that will help you maintain your wooden blinds and ensure that they stay intact for a longer time. If you are looking formade-to-measure Venetian blinds in wooden material, Premium Blinds UK is here to help. We provide the best quality of all kinds of blinds at the most affordable rates.

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