Buying Blinds? Here Are 5 Errors To Avoid


Blinds go hand-in-hand with windows. If you have windows in your home, you most likely have blinds. And you probably realise just how important blinds are. Not only are they good for filtering how much light is let into a certain room, but they also are an essential part of the look of the entire room.

Therefore, just like any other part of your home, putting extra care and attention into choosing the right kinds of blinds for your home becomes very important.

But there are many people who haven’t bought blinds for a home before or don’t really know too much about them, and they can make some mistakes that can either affect the appearance of the room badly or they just don’t fit. In this blog, we will take a look at some of those mistakes and how you can avoid making them:

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5 Errors People Make Regarding Blinds

Choosing A Mismatching Colour & Style

Everyone has some sort of fashion design sense. But that doesn’t mean everyone’s fashion design sense is built equally. Some are great at matching or contrasting the designs or colours of the blinds they are putting up to the window style or the walls of the room. But others sometimes misstep. They either delve too deep into matching the styles of the room with the blinds, or they try to be too creative and make a harsh contrast that does not look good.

It can easily make or break the look of the room. Instead, use a service that can not only help you put up blinds but also help you decide which choice is the best for your home and that particular room, style and colour-wise.


DIY is everywhere. In fact, it has become pretty normal to try and do things yourself. It seems efficient, and it can save you money. But not everyone is built for DIY, and not everyone can figure out how to put up blinds themselves properly. And, more often than not, it can come out looking bad.

To avoid any sort of mistake or issue arises, it is best to have the fitting done by a company that does professional blinds fitting. This way, the blinds fit perfectly. You can sit back and relax while the work is done for you.

Not Choosing The Right Sized Blinds

Size is important. When it comes to blinds, it matters a lot. The size of the blinds you get installed can affect a lot of things. First of all, it affects the look of the room. If the blinds are too big, they can hang too low or too wide. And that can look ugly. And if they are too small, they seem useless because they are still letting light through, and they don’t fit the dimensions of the window.

If you hire Premium Blinds UK, we can ensure that our professionals will come to your home, take all the accurate measurements, and ensure that the blinds they put up fit perfectly according to the dimensions of your window.

They will come around and do all the work for you while you don?t have to worry about putting any effort in by yourself.

Choosing The Wrong Material

Many people question the purpose of choosing the fabric of the blinds that they want to be put up. They just want something to block out the sun or put up some privacy. And they don’t really consider the fact that the right fabric or material can keep a room cool, but it also depends upon the environment.

Fabric blinds aren’t the best idea in a room like a bathroom where moisture is prevalent, and mould might develop. At the same time, wooden blinds are more solid and effective at blocking out views. Fabric or material choice can have a huge impact.

Choosing An Unreliable Company

When you want to save money, it is easy to fall into the trap of so many websites out there that offer shady deals or deals that will not measure up to the money you?re paying for them, even if they are low-priced.

In the long-term, you will find that going for the cheapest option, at the expense of their reliability, would not serve you well. Instead, going for a company that can offer you an assurance of quality is much better.

To Wrap Up

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