A Full Guide To Cleaning Your Blinds


Everything inside your home deserves the same amount of attention when you are cleaning up. But not everything is built equal. And each thing requires its own method of cleaning. The same applies to blinds. They need to be cleaned every once in a while, but due to their shape and nature, they need to be cleaned using certain methods to ensure that they don’t break and look and feel fresh and new.

Premium Blinds UK provides the service of installing custom blinds in the UK, and we have written this blog as a guide on you can accomplish a full clean of your home’s blinds. Keep reading to find out.

Do Your Blinds Need Cleaning? Here’s How To Do It

Vertical Blinds

Since the slats on vertical blinds are positioned vertically, they accumulate less dust and dirt, as it just doesn’t have any place to settle. This is advantageous, as you only have to clean the surrounding area. Still, there are some particles that can attach themselves to the slats. Even in that case, you don’t need to worry about them and only clean them once every couple of weeks. Although, you might want to give a once-over to the headrail every couple of days.

All you need is a vacuum cleaner with a brush, a soft cloth, and a duster. Use the duster from top to bottom once to remove any big pieces of dirt. Then you need some warm water. Take the cloth and dip it into the bowl. Remove the slats from the headrail and give them a thorough wipe down.

Though, it isn’t recommended that you use very hot water, as it can affect the slats and, in some cases, even warp them. Then leave them to air dry. Once all water has dried, reattach them to the headrail, and you’re done.

Fabric Blinds

Since they are fabric, they can be a bit more tricky if you don’t know how to clean them. But once you know the method, then it is quick and easy. Fabric blinds can be both vertical and horizontal. In some cases, with certain fabric blinds, they can be placed directly into the washing machine and run through a cold water wash.

But mostly, due to the usually delicate nature of the blinds, they are hand-washed. You will most likely have instructions on how to care for the blinds you have installed. Take a look at them and see the most recommended method to approach them.

For roman blinds, we recommend using a vacuum. Since their formation is one single sheet of fabric, it is very common for them to gather dust. So, take a vacuum, and drag it all over the blinds to remove any excess dirt.

Then use the brush attachment to remove the smaller particles. And if you have a stain, then you can use basic stain removers.

On the other hand, for layered fabrics, you might want to use a cloth, preferably microfibre. Vacuuming layered fabric might affect it badly. The force with which a vacuum sucks in the fabric can damage the threads of layered fabric blinds.

Just run the damp cloth over the cloth, and make sure to get the edges.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds come in three materials: wooden blinds, faux wooden blinds, metal blinds. The metal ones are made usually of aluminium since it is a lightweight metal.

Venetian blinds are a good choice because they come in a variety of colours and even different designs and stains that you can pair appropriately with your room. These days, they have become popular in minimalist homes where there needs to be a touch of warmth and colour.

They might seem easy to clean, especially the metal ones, but they need an extra touch of care to make sure they last a long time. Everyone knows that excessive exposure to water (or moisture in general) can make a real wood warp. That is why you should avoid putting real wood Venetian blinds in places like bathrooms or kitchens. Instead, consider the living room or bedroom.

And, when it comes to cleaning, you should use a dry microfibre cloth for dusting instead of water. Though you can use a slightly damp cloth, even that should be used sparingly. No more than a simple wipe down. And then, use a dry towel to dry away from any excess moisture.

As for Faux wood, and aluminium blinds, you can take a damp cloth to them and go from top to bottom. You can also use a duster if you are in the mood for a light clean.

To Wrap Up

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