A Complete Guide To Winter Blinds

With winters around the corner, we’re sure you’re looking for ways to keep your house warm and comfy. When it comes to winter decor, the role of blinds can just not be left out of the conversation. 

They can help you create the perfect ambience, making your interiors look elegant and giving your house a layer of protection against the weather. Plus, the sheer number of customisation options and available material for winter blinds gives you more liberty to experiment with styles and create a look that speaks volumes for your lavishness. 

On that note, let’s dive straight into this ultimate guide to winter blinds and have a look at what makes them ideal for your house. We’ll also discuss the options available and the benefits they have to offer. Here goes:

Blinds Vs Weather: Do They Really Work?

While you may think that a piece of decor can’t be sturdy enough to compete against the weather, blinds can defy this opinion of yours. Their significance in maintaining indoor climate goes beyond what meets the eye. By controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a room, blinds can assist in temperature regulation.

On warm summer days, simply closing the blinds can prevent the sunlight, helping to maintain a cooler environment within the room. In contrast, opening them during colder days can allow the warmth of the sunlight to enter, naturally elevating the room’s temperature. Similarly, on summer nights, you can open the blinds to let some fresh air in and vice versa in winter.

Here are some ways the right material for winter blinds can help you control the indoor climate:

  • Thermal blinds can help you keep your home warm and cosy and save money at the same time.
  • Insulating blinds and shutters offer you a wonderful alternative to curtains, adding value to your home and providing privacy/warmth along with a dash of lavishness. 
  • Outdoor blinds can efficiently keep out rain and do not retain much water on the surface. Thanks to their material!

What Types Of Blinds Are Ideal For Winter?

While choosing window blinds, you’ll come across so many great options to choose from that you’ll almost feel baffled at a point. However, choosing the perfect blinds for the winter can be a relatively easy task. The following are some options you can consider:

  1. Thermal Blinds

Thermal blinds are made of thermal material and have one or multiple layers of it. For optimal results, you can fit these blinds closer to the glass, as it can enhance the natural thermal properties. You’ll also find various styles, from roller blinds to vertical blinds.

Any blinds would do for privacy, but in cold winter months, you’ll need the blinds to prevent cold air from coming into your home, along with preventing warm air from escaping. That’s just what thermal blinds do! This implies that the sun’s heat acquired during the day can be used to help keep your home warm.

  1. Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are another great option for winter, particularly designed to keep out the cold and retain warmth. Most Roman blinds are lined, and they’re even more effective if a thermal material is used.

You can keep them open on sunny days but don’t forget to close them as it gets dark. If you order from a reputed company like Premium Blinds UK, you can get made-to-measure Roman blinds that fit your windows perfectly, leaving no gaps and insulating the windows perfectly.

  1. Roller Blinds

Just like Roman blinds, roller blinds possess a design that gives them amazing thermal properties. They fit closely, which helps to trap a layer of air between the window and the blind. In addition to this, they’re manufactured with a single piece of material, allowing them to provide enhanced insulation benefits.

If you’re looking forward to getting new blinds for winter, picking thicker fabrics will help you retain the warmth. Plus, if your windows are double-glazed, the right roller blinds will make your home a much cosier place this winter.

To Wrap Up:

This was all you needed to know about picking the right material for winter blinds. By paying attention to the right type, you will be able to keep your home warm, cosy, and decorated throughout the winter. At the same time, if you’re looking for the best quality blinds, Premium Blinds UK has got them available for you at the best prices. We offer a vast range, along with made-to-measure blinds and a lot more. 

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