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A Basic Guide to Perfect Fit Blinds

Presently, bifold doors and tilt-and-turn windows have been unique new window designs. These windows allow light and air into our homes more than ever before. These developments required more sophisticated blinds to take in an increased range of motion windows. Perfect Fit blinds are the answer. These blinds provide shade without restricting window movement and can be clipped directly to the window frame and sitting on the window sill. This makes them perfect for french doors and bi-folds.

While Perfect Fit blinds are often connected with conservatories, they’re practical for all kinds of other ‘unusual’ windows. They can cover windows that other blinds can’t due to their unusual fitting structure.

What are Perfect Fit Blinds?

Perfect Fit blinds are innovative window blinds explicitly designed for uPVC and aluminium windows, doors, and conservatories. Manufactured by Louvolite in 2005, Perfect Fit blinds can fit neatly in the frame without drilling and screws.

The Key Benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds

You need to guess for perfect fit blinds to install them. You can effortlessly fit and mount them by yourself. They are available in various styles and colours to match any colour scheme. Here are some of the top benefits of Perfect Fit blinds.

Drilling or Screwing Isn’t Necessary

The perfect blinds can sit in their frame, which is their unique quality; therefore, you don’t need drilling or screwing to get them fitted. Instead of being drilled into the wall and then screwed into place, perfect-fit blinds are simple to install and fit smartly within a frame. That feels like a pretty pioneering way to install blinds, correct?

Family-Friendly Option

These blinds are functioned by handles or tabs and do not contain cords. Because there are no loose cords or loops for children to grasp, this makes perfect-fit blinds the perfect solution for dressing children’s bedroom windows.

Easy to Measure

When measuring perfect-fit blinds, you need to measure the glass size. However, your windows should be made of uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) to be appropriate for these specific blinds, so remember these things when purchasing blinds!

Window handles or tiles are an essential consideration to ensure a perfect fit. Therefore, you’ll need to consider these positions to get the perfect fit. And for a more precise result, don’t forget to use a metal tape measure.

Enhanced Privacy and Light Control

Perfect-fit blinds enhance your privacy and stop light from getting in because the blinds flush your window frame, so there are no gaps. As a result, these blinds mainly apply to rooms with a lot of sunlight, including conservatories.

Thermal efficiency

Perfect Fit blinds keep spaces warm in winter and cool in summer as they fit firmly to the window, adding an extra layer. This will help save cash on energy and protect the environment. You can consider a thermal lining for even better thermal efficiency.

Ideas For Having Perfect-Fit Blinds in The Home

As we have mentioned, the different benefits of perfect fit blinds provide various opportunities for any home, but what are some best ways to use Perfect Fit blinds in your home?

Perfect Fit blinds for French doors

French doors open at the hinge, making it challenging to pair such a door with a traditional blind. A perfect-fit blind is ideal for such doors because they attach to the door itself so that when the door moves, so does the blind. French doors’ unique beauty is their ability to allow light into your room and give you the most flexibility. Therefore, a Day & Night or even roller Perfect Fit blind can be the best choice.

Perfect Fit blinds for patio doors

If you wish for a blind that helps you manage the light coming through a patio door, a Day & Night blind is the best option. Moreover, you also opt for wooden, or aluminium Perfect Fit Venetian blinds because the neat angles will mix nicely with the angular nature of your patio door.

Conservatory Blinds? Ideal for Perfect Fit Blinds

Conservatories provide that nice midpoint between indoors and outside and are ever more common in the UK. By nature, conservatories contain a lot of glass, similar to windows, that allows light to flood in. However, conservatories often do not include the exact amount of space surrounding the glass as windows inside the home, and this is where Perfect Fit blinds arrive. It’s usually not essential to use thick or blackout blinds because conservatories tend to be used for relaxation during the day.

Aluminum or wooden Venetian blinds, particularly Day & Night blinds, also called Zebra blinds, are also great options. Picking these options let customers the flexibility to restrict the light in their space to their precise conditions. For conservatory blinds, Perfect Fit blinds are an excellent selection.


Are your windows feeling a bit mild? Do you want to liven them up? Premium Blinds UK has the perfect solution for you. Our UK-made Perfect Fit blinds are made to measure at our specialist facility. Apart from perfect-fit blinds, we have multiple other blind categories like pleated blinds, blackout blinds, and others. So, get in touch with us for the best blinds for your home.

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