6 Reasons To Get Pleated Blinds For Your Home


Blinds come in various shapes, styles and configurations. The wide variety of choices is what makes it possible to find the right blinds for each particular space in our homes. Blinds should be selected depending upon the location where the blind is to be installed as well as the functionality you are aiming for.

Pleated blinds is also a category of curtains that provide a different look and practicality. They are ideal for small flats and big homes alike. They are also great for insulation in conservatories facing south.

Pleated blinds contain an aluminium coating which balances the temperature of home interiors. It repels heat to make your home cooler in summers and traps in warmth to keep the space cosy in the winters.

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Why Choose Pleated Blinds?

The simple and easy operations and beautiful designs are only a few reasons why you should consider getting pleated blinds for your home. Aside from that, we have put together a list of reasons that justify the fixture of pleated blinds in modern homes.

1. Reduced UV Exposure:

The installation of any kind of blinds will provide you a certain amount of protection from sunlight. In pleated blinds, however, the addition of the aluminium coating works to reflect UV radiation away from the windows. This way, the number of harmful sun rays entering your house is reduced.

In addition to that, the coating is also efficient in keeping away cold winds and maintaining the house temperature by trapping the existing heat inside. This means that your heating bills are sure to drop if you have decided to get pleated blinds in your home.

2. Filtered Light:

You don?t always want your room to be drowning in darkness. Some filtered natural light should be allowed inside to keep the interiors bright. Pleated blinds provide partial filtration when they are drawn, but if you feel like you need a bit more shade, you can always opt for darker tones.

The market is filled with different designs and shades of pleated blinds, so everyone can choose the one that matches their interiors perfectly. You can choose to have a lighter or darker accent in your room by selecting the right type of pleated blinds. Explore the wide variety of fabrics to find out which one would be the best for your own practical use.

3. Simple Operations:

Pleated blinds can be pulled up or pushed down with a side string, but they work a bit different than standard roller blinds. Roller blinds follow a honeycomb orientation, formed in the middle of the blind, whereas pleated blinds are free from air pockets.

They have a single layer of fabric that works to block away light and that is why they do not take up too much space either. Providing a similar functionality to roller blinds, the price of pleated blinds is quite low in comparison.

4. Provide Privacy:

For homeowners who are looking for a single layer cover for their windows, pleated blinds are the ideal option. They are a great alternative to roller or horizontal blinds, and the single-layered sheet does not take up too much space. In addition to that, the material is quite efficient in providing privacy control.

You can draw out the rest of the world by lowering down the curtains. This versatile style of blinds allows you to have total control over your room?s light exposure and outside view. Some expensive models come with control settings that can be operated through a remote.

5. Durable And Energy Efficient:

As mentioned above, pleated blinds can help cut down on your heating bills significantly due to the insulation that they have to offer. While roller blinds provide the same functionality as pleated blinds, they do not match the durability and convenience of the latter. You will not have to worry about changing your window covers every few months if you have installed these pleated blinds in your home.

6. Aesthetic:

Pleated blinds come in darker as well as lighter tones, and they are also available in a combination of alternate shades. The lightweight blinds are perfect if you want to add some aesthetic charm to your indoors. Aside from providing efficient light and privacy control, the curtains are also pleasing to the eyes.

They can be added to any room in order to balance the colour scheme or to work as a supporting element in the overall design. It is recommended to get the design that compliments your decoration, so that the design revolves around contrasting elements.

To sum it up, pleated blinds can be a great investment if placed at the right location in your home or apartment. You can have pleated blinds fitted in Birmingham through Premium Blinds UK. Visit our page to select the most appropriate design and colours for yourself, then get them installed in your interiors for a charming appeal. Ring us today to get your pleated blinds!

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