5 Tips To Help You Select The Right Bathroom Window Blinds


Bathroom blinds should be chosen with some thought and consideration, as this place is exposed to various factors that may damage the material of the blinds. The increased humidity, steam, and condensation are a few things that make the choice of bathroom blinds a bit more critical than others.

Blinds should be resilient to all these factors in order to pass for ideal bathroom window shields. You can find good bathroom blinds in Lichfield if you are willing to put in some research and work. The material, style and design are also a few factors that contribute to making a blind perfect for a bathroom.

Just because your bathroom is steamy, it does not mean that you can not get stylish window covers to complement the contemporary design.

Make sure that whatever you chose is practically applicable and aesthetically pleasing. Choose the perfect match for your bathroom interiors by getting made-to-measure blinds from Premium Blinds UK.

The Ideal Blinds For Bathrooms?

If you are in search of quality blinds for your bathroom, you should be aware of a few things. From styles to functionality and material, everything plays an important role in defining the practical use of a blind. In this blog, we have listed some blinds styles that may be suitable for your bathroom.

1. Faux Wood For Damage Resistance: 

If you are considering Venetian blinds for your bathroom, wood may be the first choice that comes to your mind. Wooden Venetian blinds will add a classic and vintage aura to your bathroom interiors, but the wooden slats can get damaged due to humidity. Blinds composed of real wood are likely to bend, warp and swell when dampened.

Therefore, it is best to buy faux wooden Venetian blinds. They are made of ABS, a plastic-based material which is a great alternative to wood. It feels and appears similar to wooden blinds, but is safer for use in the bathrooms. Faux wood is not affected by heat, steam and humidity, unlike real wood.

Additionally, you have a lot of choices in terms of wood finishes, colours and grains when it comes to faux wooden blinds. This way, you can get the texture and look of a wooden blind without having to worry about deteriorating blind slats.

2. Vertical Blinds For Practicality:

The key to choosing the most suitable bathroom blinds is in the material. If you want to aid your bathroom interiors with the classic appeal of vertical blinds, you should be wary of its material. Vertical blinds involve easy operations and are quite effective in keeping away sunlight, however it is best to stay away from materials like cotton, linen and silk.

The fibres of these fabrics will accumulate moisture in the blind slats, leaving them with an unpleasant look and a musty smell if left wet for a prolonged period. Try to find something in polyester or PVC, as these materials are more water-resistant. You can wipe clean them completely even after a major water splash.

3. Roller Blinds For Maximum Control: 

When you need complete isolation from the outside world so that you can bathe in peace, roller blinds are the ideal choice. Especially in the evenings, the outside view of the windows becomes quite clear, even if there is frosting on the windows.

Roller blinds provide complete privacy by dressing the windows of a bathroom completely. They are also suitable for the humid environment of a bathroom and come in thermal and blackout options, so you can achieve insulation against the outside atmosphere.

This type of blinds are straight-cut and contain no slats and that is why they cover the windows entirely. You can experiment with different colours and patterns to add a pop of complexion to your bathroom interiors.

4. Shutters For A Contemporary Bathroom Design:

Shutters are the latest trend in the market, and that is why they are becoming quite popular as well. Their wide range of styles and options will help you to achieve your desired look in the bathroom.

Get shutters in uPVC or vinyl to protect your bathroom blinds from the steam and humidity. If you opt for a different material, it will most likely shrink, warp or end up with cracks in the slats. The slats in shutters can also be adjusted to control the flow of light and achieve maximum privacy.

5. Blackout For A Relaxed Appeal:

Sometimes, all you need is a glass of wine and a bubble bath after a long day at work. If you cherish such moments and like to have maximum privacy while bathing, blackout blinds may be the option for you.

You can either upgrade your existing roller blinds or get a new pair of blackout blinds to achieve the desired functionality. A black-out lining to your standard roller blinds will allow you to enjoy your ?me time? while you shut out the rest of the world by drawing your blinds.

Now, if you want to buy good quality bathroom blinds in Strokes on Trent, visit Premium Blinds UK. We have a wide range of bedroom, living room and bathroom blinds in different styles and materials. Visit our page to explore all the available options!

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