5 Best Types Of Blinds For Patio Doors


When choosing blinds for your patio doors, French doors or bi-fold doors, some things should be considered before making a purchase. The function you want your blinds to serve and the space that surrounds them are two factors that will guide your selection.

Align your budget, identify your design and pattern preference, and discuss the mounting technique with the manufacturer. These steps will lead you to make the right decision on the blinds of your home. Also, make sure to select a colour that matches the colour and design theme of the rest of the room.

Ask yourself, how much control do I want on the lighting in the space next to my patio door? Whether you’re someone who prefers partial light blockage or complete blackout, you will find something in the market.

Thermal blinds are also becoming a common choice of people when it comes to patio door blinds. They help to reflect sunlight or trap heat in the room during winters. If you are in search of a good patio blind, this blog is for you.

Install These Blinds On Your Patio Doors

We have listed the most appropriate blinds option for your patio doors here to help you make the right decision.

1. Day And Night Blinds:

Day and night blinds with the flowers in pot

If you are looking for maximum light control, the ideal option is day and night blinds. They are lined with alternate layers of fabric strips in which one is sheer, and the other is opaque. If you want natural light to seep into the room, you can adjust the blinds to allow the sheer fabric to become visible. If you want the room to remain dark or achieve a bit more privacy at night time, you can switch to the opaque fabric.

2. Vertical Blinds:

Vertical blinds in kitchen

If you are more into practicality rather than beauty, then these blinds should be your go-to blinds for patio doors. They are easy to open and close due to the presence of vertical slats. You can easily get them out of the way if you need to open the door and step outdoors.

The fact that they do not collect as much dust as horizontal blinds makes them all the more suitable for patio doors. This door is directly connected to outdoor space and has a higher chance of getting dirty with dust and dirt. Therefore, a type of blind that is easy to clean, such as vertical blinds, will turn out to be a smart option in the long run. They can also fit small to large patio doors, as their dimensions are customisable in most cases.

3. Roller Blinds:

These are great for busy households with kids and pets. They are made of a single sheet of fabric or plastic and serve the purpose of drawing out light effectively. You can roll them up or down the length of your patio door to allow or obscure sunlight.

Without demanding complicated maintenance, these blinds provide a clean and straightforward look. They are available in the market in a variety of patterns and colours, making your options a lot wider. You can pick up the ones that perfectly fit the design of the space surrounding your patio door.

4. Thermal Blinds:

Thermal blinds behind the sitting area

These blinds provide insulation against the cold winds in the winter. They trap heat inside the space to create a warmer indoor atmosphere. Alternatively, they reflect sunlight away from the windows in the summers to allow your house to remain cool.

If you are looking to reduce your energy costs, you can support this goal by getting these blinds for your patio doors. Thermal blinds in the UK have become quite popular because of the energy conservation and efficient functionality they offer. They are made of special fabrics to save your energy costs and feature a honeycomb or pleats configuration to generate an insulating layer against the cold.

5. Blackout Blinds:

Blackout blinds on whit wall

If you are looking for ample privacy and excellent light control, blackout blinds might just be for you. They are made of tightly knitted and thick fabrics to prevent light from seeping through their weaves. It will also block the view of the insides of the house so passers-by and neighbors can not peek through.

Here are the best five choices of blinds for patio doors. If you feel like the most ideal option for your patio doors are thermal blinds, you can buy them on Premium Blinds UK. We ensure that our blinds are made of the best quality of material, and remain resistant to wear and tears for years. Visit our website to pick up your favorite patterns and designs.

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